First Post

August 24, 2018 · 1 minute read

Hey there, Ive been thinking for some time that i should have a blog where i can post some things i find and kind of notes to myself. I rarely have the time to focus on my own site but i have been looking for some time at static site generators. The pages becomes much more faster then a completely dynamic site. For a site like this a dynamic site is not necessary since the content only regenerates when i make a new blog post. The viwing should be the same for every visitor and not be generated each time. This will speed up my site greatly. I have decided to go with Hugo wich is a static site generator framwork. And i host it on Netlify wich has an awesome content delivery system. And i use as a content management system on the backend. These technologies together makes it very easy to update. The site is quick as a static site and i can make posts from the backend as on a dynamic site.